What will our LEGACY be?

Last Month, AFC were thrilled to be a presenting partner, alongside Fashion Revolution and content partners Intent Journal for LEGACY Responsible Fashion Summit. LEGACY was a monumental 2 days for our Industry, which saw a community of local and international individuals and businesses come together to deep dive into the big and ugly issues our sector is facing, with an emphasis on action and real solutions.

Organised by Melinda Tually from Ndless The New Normal and her amazing team, we can’t thank them enough for making this happen and look forward to what is to come next year.

“We were thrilled to be part of LEGACY, and support what we hope to be a recurring event, driving change for the better in our industry. It was uplifting to see just how much energy there is across the board going into progressing issues in this space. Congratulations and thank you to Mel for bringing everyone together. The level of community between people, and genuine desire for solutions and action left us hopeful for our sector. We’re developing experts in this space and look forward to seeing how each person will take to implementing learnings into their own businesses and communities.”

David Giles-Kaye, CEO, Australian Fashion Council.⠀

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Some moments…

The inspiring conversations challenged the status quo, designed to motivate stakeholders from all levels in the industry to take action, talking through modern slavery, water stewardship, circular design, local production, climate change and business models.

Melinda Tually, Ndless The New Normal.jpg

“We can no longer relegate change to a small number of committed brands and business leaders who are carrying the burden of progress. Shaking things up for good takes a drastic rethink about how we structure this industry. At all levels. New ways of thinking, of system redesign, of ways to challenge the status quo are required. Beyond the moral imperative, the business case has been proven, it’s time for rubber to hit the road and for all of us to join the action.”

Melinda Tually | Ndless the New Normal


“We have to look after our planet or none of us will thrive – or survive.”

Edwina McCann | Vogue Australia, Australian Fashion Council.

Zoltan Csaki, Citizen Wolf 2.jpg

“Quite simply, fashion is in crisis. Oversupply is the default and it’s not sustainable…”

Zoltan Csaki | Citizen Wolf

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“Take the disillusion pill and pretend it’s not real, or face the reality and do something about it.”

Kit Willow | KitX

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“Climate Change is a global problem which requires global action. Fashion is a global industry that accounts for five percent of emissions, but it’s cutting edge, it’s creative, you have the skills to create those solutions... The work of the fashion industry can influence so many, don’t underestimate that power of persuasion.”

Dr Martin Rice | The Climate Council Australia

what action are you taking today?

The future of the fashion industry depends on bold, committed, forward-thinking leadership disrupting the status quo for the better. What action are you taking today?

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Have a read of some of the key takeaways from the event from MC Clare Press for Vogue Australia;

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