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This Could be a Game Changer...

We’ve all heard the stats and reports on the devastating impact our industry’s textile waste is having on the environment. Hand in hand goes the issue of recycling and the complexities of bringing textiles into this system when the majority are fibre blends. Many are looking for circular solutions here, and finally we may be moving closer to finding some answers. We catch up with Adrian Jones, Co-Founder at BlockTexx, a local team leading the way in textile recycling.

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Meet | The Better Packaging Co.

Many of us are aware of the need to reduce our waste in the industry, and fashion packaging is arguably one of the major areas where we need to improve our practice.  My inquiry lead me to this amazing start up out of NZ, THE Better Packaging Co. The founders, Kate Bezar and Rebecca Percasky, are two inspiring women with a distinct vision and a game-changing product that is; biodegradable, renewable, nontoxic and durable...

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MEET | Paul Castro

Meet Paul Castro, the local designer giving surplus fashion items a new light. Since graduating from RMIT's Masters of Fashion Design Program, Paul has gone on to be recognised at the iD International Emerging Design Awards. We asked about his creative practice, designing sustainably, working with surplus stock and where he is headed next!

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