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Meet | Artisans of Fashion

The richness and diversity of textile traditions provide sustainable solutions for the fashion industry layered with cultural heritage, authenticity and stories of positive social and environmental impact. Founder & CEO of Artisans of Fashion (AOF), Caroline Poiner is on a mission to find a way to engage with industry and develop new technologies, strategies and processes to create ethical pathways for designers to access these incredible cultural traditions as a key factor in the design process…

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Meet | The Better Packaging Co.

Many of us are aware of the need to reduce our waste in the industry, and fashion packaging is arguably one of the major areas where we need to improve our practice.  My inquiry lead me to this amazing start up out of NZ, THE Better Packaging Co. The founders, Kate Bezar and Rebecca Percasky, are two inspiring women with a distinct vision and a game-changing product that is; biodegradable, renewable, nontoxic and durable...

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