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Gendry Morales | Merging Fashion & Technology and her collaboration with A.BCH

"With the rise of technology, it's becoming inevitable that it will soon, if not already, become a vital component to the future of fashion. Industry-specific incubators and accelerators such as the New York Fashion Tech Lab and Silicon Vally's Fashion Tech Accelerator are beginning to pop up and Melbourne now also has a new Fashion Tech tribe beginning to form meetups. That's how I met Gendry Morales, a leader and a change agent with an expertise in blockchain technology, an eye for fashion and an uncompromising connection to the planet's wellbeing. We caught up over coffee and I got the scoop on what's happening in the fashion tech world, what it could mean for the sustainable health of the fashion industry and what she's up to with A.BCH." Lisa Kjerulf

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