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What will our LEGACY be?

Last Month, AFC were thrilled to be a presenting partner, alongside Fashion Revolution and content partners Intent Journal for LEGACY Responsible Fashion Summit. LEGACY was a monumental 2 days for our Industry, which saw a community of local and international individuals and businesses come together to deep dive into the big and ugly issues our sector is facing, with an emphasis on action and real solutions. Organised by Melinda Tually from Ndless The New Normal and her amazing team, we can’t thank them enough for making this happen and look forward to what is to come next year…

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What Does it Mean to be a Sustainable Fashion Label?

Before diving into who is paving the way in the ethical arena, let’s first address the varying mindsets of what 'ethical' and 'sustainable' actually mean for some designers. After chatting with a few smaller up-and-coming labels in the Australian industry, it became clear that when we speak about sustainability, there is no one way to view the topic. None of these views are wrong, but rather a confirmation that sustainable practice in fashion is a complex web.

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