Re.Design for a Sustainable Future - A Forum


Re.Design. For A Sustainable Future.

Textile & Fashion Hub Sustainability Forum

Let’s re-think how we design and make a product.

What can we do to re-duce the negative impact our industry has on the environment?

How can we re-cycle not just our waste, but the wisdom from the past?

What can be done to re-innovate and keep businesses viable?

How can we re-design a sustainable future for our industry?

Learn from the experts and hear from local sustainable businesses. Run June 15 2012 as an introduction to several key elements of designing and producing a more sustainable product.


  • WGSN
  • Holly McQuillan, Lecturer from Massey University, College of Creative Arts
  • Kate Fletcher, Reader in Sustainable Fashion from the London College of Fashion (via Skype)
  • Peter Johnson, Manager Product EHS Langweid & Product Stewardship Basel from Hunstman Advanced Materials in Switzerland (via Skype)

Local fashion business case studies sharing their experience, include:

  • Ellie Mücke, MüCKE
  • Monika Tywanek, cylk
  • Natalie Dillon, 3Fish
  • Alex Trimmer, Sosume
  • Kelly Elkin, ALAS


the Speakers:


Jen Sherrin

WGSN National Sales Manager for Australia and New Zealand



Lecturer from Massey University, College of Creative Arts



Designing for Minimal Waste Panel: Holy McQuilan, Lecturer, Masey University, Colege of Creative Arts, Ellie Mücke, MüCKE, Monika Tywanek, cylk


Kate Fletcher

Reader in Sustainable Fashion, London College of Fashion. Kate discusses Sustainable Design & Materials via Skype from the United Kingdom




Sustainable Design & Materials

Natalie Dilon, 3Fish Alex Trimmer, Sosume



Manager Product EHS Langweid & Product Stewardship Basel, Huntsman Advanced Materials, Switzerland (via Skype)

Speaking via Skype on Reducing Impacts of Chemicals & Dyes



Reducing impacts of chemicals & dyes

Kely Elkin, ALAS Stuart McDiarmid, GuWen Kate Bary, TESTEX, Swis Textile Testing Institute