.RawAssembly. & the 'Law of Return'

The ‘law of return’ is a core theme of RawAssembly™ Melbourne 2019. Put simply, the law of return, means that a farmer should try and repay the earth for what he took from it, not sitting at his fireside and chewing his nails asking himself whether he got the best of the bargain. It is not a ‘law’ that worries him, it’s just the right thing to do.


RawAssembly™ Melbourne will be showcasing a wide variety of exhibitors and product innovations that embrace the ‘law of return’ and the positive impact this has on the earth. These exhibitors and innovations are a small part of what will be accessible to all visitors, with the aim to inspire and enable the industry to ‘source differently’ We look forward to seeing you in Melbourne at the Deakin Edge on the 28th & 29th October.

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For 80 years Lenzing have been looking beyond fiber. With wood as their natural resource, Lenzing’s solutions are as inventive as they are effective when it comes to caring for our partners’ success, our planet’s protection and people’s needs in everyday life.

Lenzing fibers are made of cellulose, the core component of all plants on earth. Their material wood source is perfectly renewable: Trees regrow, feeding on sunlight, water and the carbon dioxide from our atmosphere. Respectfully sourcing from this natural origin, Lenzing develop highly aesthetical, emotional and functional products.

Along the entire value chain, Lenzing’s solutions make a difference, from forest protection to eco-conscious fashion. Lenzing’s positive impact stretches from sustainable wood sourcing, via the responsible use of chemicals in production, to transparent information policies.   

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Zippers and buttons make garment recycling complicated as the removal of such details calls for manual assistance, making the process both costly and time consuming.
Resortecs® sewing thread solves this problem by supplying a thread that simply dissolves at at 200 degree Celsius.

Resortecs® stitching thread works double wonders as it makes both repairing and recycling a breeze. When used for seams, a whole piece of clothing can easily be disassembled so that the fabric can be used over and over in new ways, cutting the need to produce fabric from scratch.

“Resortecs® is not just a sewing thread but rather a circularity provider”

Resortecs’ sewing thread was awarded the Global Change Award in 2018 – an innovation challenge initiated by the H&M foundation to accelerate the shift from a linear to circular fashion industry. Since 2019, Resortecs has also joined the Fashion For Good program, which is initiated by the C&A foundation.

RawAssembly will be presenting a few companies from the current Fashion For Good Program this October in Melbourne

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An ocean full of opportunities

Carolyn Raff studied textile design at the State Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Stuttgart and at the KADK Copenhagen. The main focus of her work, within the field of material research, is sustainability driven by a passion for experimental research.

‘An ocean full of opportunities’ is a research project about sustainable solutions for the fashion & textile industry. For this project, different types of algae-based products are used to design and create new materials. Agar agar, an algae-based gelatin substitute is used in a variety of experiments to create bio-plastics. This completely biodegradable material, being showcased for the first time in Australia at RawAssembly™ Melbourne, can be produced in a variety shades, looks and structures. 

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In every industry there’s someone building the future, whether it’s technology, architecture, food, cars or space rockets. In clothing it’s Vollebak! Founded by twin brothers, designers and athletes Nick and Steve Tidball, they use science and technology to make the future of clothing possible, creating gear that no one else can or will.

Being displayed at RawAssembly™ Melbourne as part of a plant-based product display, the Vollebak Plant and Algae t-shirt doesn’t start life like any other piece of clothing. It’s built from pulped eucalyptus and beech from sustainably managed forests and algae grown in bioreactors. You can think of algae as a space age material that just happens to be 1.5 billion years old. As the original source of all plant life on the planet it consumes carbon dioxide, produces up to 80% of the oxygen on Earth, and even holds the key to our survival on other planets. So having already put man-made supermaterials like graphene and carbon fibre into clothing, Vollebak wanted to start the journey of getting algae into clothing too. As the Plant and Algae T Shirt is made from nature it doesn’t end its life like any other piece of clothing either. When people have finished with the t-shirt it biodegrades in the earth in 12 weeks and turns into worm food, you can either bury it in your garden or put it out with the compost.




Tickets are on sale via www.rawassembly.com & via Humanitix


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