.RawAssembly. Comes to Melbourne

As a new and innovative sourcing event, RawAssembly™ aims to shape a new sourcing culture by providing sustainable textile solutions, showcasing innovative textile products and shaping the ethical and creative values of its visitors. 


Following the success of our inaugural event in Sydney, RawAssembly™ is excited to launch its second event in Melbourne at the Deakin Edge on the 28th to 29th October 2019.  

As RawAssembly™ develops as the leading responsible sourcing event in the Asia Pacific region, we are proud to announce Lenzing™, a global leader in the sustainable production of botanic fibres, as our title sponsor. 

Working with some of the worlds leading brands and designers, including our very own Kit X, A.BCH and Country Road to name a few, Lenzing™ is passionate about sustainable fibres.

Lenzing™ uses a circular business model that preserves our planets resources and mirrors the natural circle of life. Each Lenzing™ solution maintains balance between people, planet and profit, when addressing tomorrow’s challenges.

The following is a sneak peak at whom you will be able to talk with and how we feel RawAssembly™ Melbourne will inspire you to ‘Source Differently’! 



Südwolle Group

Südwolle Group will be offering RawAssembly™ visitor’s naturally based products as well as transparency along the supply chain. Among various new qualities in their circular knitting collection ‘Yarn in Motion’, Südwolle are focusing this season on the evolution of their ‘Betaspun’ technology.

For their ‘Jackson Betaspun’ Südwolle twist a silk filament around Merino, a natural combination that is 100% biodegradable, while keeping flexibility and strength. ‘Jackson Betaspun’ has been recently awarded with the Gold Outdoor Industry Award. 

Yarns made of recycled materials as well as certified and traceable products are also an integral part of the Biella Yarn flat knitting collection. Südwolle offer a range of qualities certified with Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) and these yarns extend the existing Biella Yarn Organic collection that contains GOTS and Bluesign® certified qualities.

Sudwolle_Biella_RawAssembly_picture 2.jpg


Organic Cotton Colours 

Based in Spain, with a sustainable Brazilian supply base, OCC have been working with organic cotton for over 25 years in all its natural colour forms; ecru, green and brown.

OCC processes are sustainable, environmentally friendly and transparent, with one of their key strengths being the relationships they have with their growers. Working closely with 150 farmers and their families, each grower owns their own land where she or he farms. On average each grower owns 1 hectare of land and by using biodynamic and rain-fed growing practices, this allows each farmer to grow other organic crops, creating additional income and self-sufficiency.  

OCC offers a fully traceable and transparent supply chain from farm to finished garment for brands looking to design and produce natural, biodegradable and bespoke products. They offer additional services from pattern making, through to packaging and customized label design and production, which are all made from the same organic cotton.

The OCC team are able to work with brands and independent designers on small orders through to large quantities, or customers can simply purchase by the metre or Kg. directly online.   

RawAssembly_Sydney_2019_Organic cotton colours-OCC Spain.jpeg


Diyang Merino Textile Ltd.

Founded in 2008, Diyang Merino Textile Ltd. specializes in the production of circular knitted fabrics and garments made from 100% Australian Merino wool and Merino blends.  

Diyang has developed a range of specialist fabrics, technologies and materials to provide specific functionality to the garments made from them.

Complementing their supply of fabrics and materials, Diyang also has a garment manufacturing division, offering a complete package to customers including fabric production, garment making and testing, through to labelling and packaging.

As a world leading Merino supplier, Diyang is accredited for WRAP and ISO 9001 and has recently become an accredited manufacturer by the Textile Exchange in relation to RWS (Responsible Wool Standard). In addition, Diyang is able to work with its customers to provide full traceability in their supply chain and provide a variety of solutions to embrace a traceable “sheep to shop” concept.  

Diyang_Spinning_RawAssembly-Circular knitting.jpg



Repack offer a reusable and returnable packaging service to brands or companies who use e-commerce platforms or postal services and are a perfect solution for the growing rental market.

The bags themselves are made from durable and recycled materials and offer an entirely new customer experience with a sustainable twist that lasts a minimum of 20 cycles. RePack is ‘reuse’ as a service, changing e-commerce and other shipping solutions forever.

Already used by Mud Jeans and Filippa K, RePack will be joining RawAssembly™ in the showcase section, allowing visitors to see the products in real life. In the words of RePack, “Lets Reduce trash together”.

These are just a few examples of what you will experience at RawAssembly™ Melbourne and we hope they ignite your interest to be involved, where we know you will be able to gain solutions, information and inspiration to source differently!  



See you at Deakin Edge, Federation Square on the 28th October!