One Dress, Many Voices

One Dress, curated by sustainable couturier and activist Lucy Tammam, is an empowering piece of wearable art created by women, to unite women. The dress is being embroidered by women across the globe with words that define their quest for equality and a voice in the world.



This beautiful piece of wearable art is the antithesis of fast fashion, created to empower the women who make, contribute to, and wear it. 

The curator Lucy Tammam has cast aside fast fashion and rejected conventional seasonal approaches. Looking instead to bespoke gowns, created as pieces of wearable art and often taking hundreds of hours to create.

Made up of over 2,0000 words that define feminism and womens empowerment, the embroidery will take place at the Tammam Atelier, London’s first and only sustainable “eco-haute” couture fashion house, and fair-trade units in Bangalore, India and Rukinga, Kenya. 

“I was in a dilemma...I need to keep creating, but I hate waste. I’d had enough of seeing vast sample collections left’s just so unsustainable. So, I vowed for one year I would make only One Dress that needs as much effort, (wo)man power and time to create as a whole collection.” Lucy Tammam
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Tammam has spent years researching and developing fully monitored ethical supply chains which track the whole process of creation, from fibre to finishing, to ensure sustainability, ethical standards for workers and cruelty free production.

One Dress has been created in an entirely sustainable way using fair-trade fabrics, ethical supply chains and traditional couture techniques. The embroidery uses artisan skills to embellish the one-of-a-kind couture gown.



Inspired by Suffragette symbolism, the use of the colour violet represented ‘Votes’ which for One Dress has been reinterpreted to symbolise ‘Voices’, something the artist believes women still don’t have - politically, socially or culturally.

Once completed, the dress will be worn by some extraordinary inspirational women (including adventurer Meg Hine and radical feminist Lisa- Marie Taylor) before being exhibited in different institutions around London and beyond.

The creation of One Dress serves to represent the many voices, in history and today’s world, that contribute to the global shift towards equality and freedom; a timeless symbol of collective strength for women.

The dress is inspired by Christabel Pankhusrt by Ethel Wright- Artwork available to view at the National Portrait Gallery. 

The dress is inspired by Christabel Pankhusrt by Ethel Wright- Artwork available to view at the National Portrait Gallery. 



You're invited to sponsor and dedicate a word or sentence at where a percentage of the project’s proceeds will be donated to different women’s charities.

You can also follow the journey, and support the One Dress project at @onedressmanyvoices on Instagram.


Lucy is hosting an event in Melbourne on the 11th of August as part of the project tour! Head over to the Facebook event page for all the details >>