Notes from Copenhagen | Part 1

Words | Kirri-Mae Sampson

Copenhagen fashion summit


Day 1 of the event saw a series of deep dive panel sessions with experts from the industry and beyond coming together to discuss major challenges and wins around sustainable development.

Transparency & Collaboration.

The strongest call to action being for collaboration and the necessity to build strong partnerships. For real development there needs to be an even playing field. To create that, we need to work together. Early in the day NRDC's Linda Greer reminded us that the journey cannot even begin without transparency.

With a mix of business models and scales joining the conversation on Day 1, there was also a recognition that SME's are willing to spend in order to push for sustainable innovations but these need to be developed and made available by larger entities with the appropriate resources.


Conversations around circularity identified three key levers in the system where deeper considerations can have real impact. These were materials, business models and the notion of used to new, or designing for next use.

Cradle to Cradle heavyweight, William McDonough encouraged industry to stop considering circularity as merely bending the existing linear model. End of Life should not be a step in the process, but rather Next Use. Deeper considerations are necessary in terms of bio and tech nutritions, nature and industry and how they interact.

All Images Thanks to Copenhagen Fashion Summit