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Ethical Fashion Blogger Round Table Recap

Words | Lisa Kjerulf

Rise & Resist takes a wild trip through the new activism sweeping the world. From eco warriors and zero wasters to knitting nannas, introvert craftivists to intersectional feminists, they’re all up for a revolution of sorts. We were thrilled to join Clare for an intimate Ethical Fashion Blogger Round Table during her recent book launch trip to Melbourne, where we talked with a group of inspiring local women about community and small acts that can lead to great change.


How to Change the World.

Although Clare Press is known as a fashion journalist and as the sustainability editor at large for Vogue Australia, she emphasises that her latest book with a pink cover called Rise & Resist: How to Change the World is not actually a book about fashion. It’s about environmental and social justice.


Elevating Women.

It’s also a book about women. While Clare interviewed both men and women for her book, she told us that she really wanted to elevate women’s stories and talk about all the women who are taking actions to make our world more sustainable. Stories that we do not hear enough about.  

rise and resist clare press book launch


Creating a movement.

Clare wrote this book for a reason, to help make the world more sustainable. It’s about community and bringing people together to form a movement of change.


It’s the little things.

The intimate launch event was not about Clare selling her book to us, rather it was more about her sharing about the people she had met and the experiences she had along the way. The little details that brought the book to life.

We enjoyed having an open conversation over tea that bounced between Clare’s shares and the other women opening up about small experiences they too have encountered through the work they do in the sustainable fashion world. And it’s these kinds of intimate conversations that can start a groundswell movement. It’s exactly what Clare writes about - small acts that lead to great change.



We’re thrilled to have a handful of copies available at our AFC Curated Brisbane pop-up this month through to December 23, so stop by for a chat with a local designer while you’re at it.

You can find out more about the book & where to purchase, Clare’s upcoming events and get stuck into the Wardrobe Crisis podcast via the links below.

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