Who Made My Clothes? | Nico Underwear

BTS With Nico Underwear

Who made your underwear? Take a peek behind the scenes with Nico underwear founder Lis Harvey and their talented team of makers in India.

"Growing in size will never mean compromising our commitment to ethical and sustainable production. At the core of everything we do at NICO is a strong respect for the people we work with, and the environment we work within.

After a year-long search, multiple trips to India and lots of time getting to know the team, we’ve finally found a modern workshop we love, with a focus on ethical and sustainable manufacturing. When we met the owner, Ravi, and his team, we knew we’d found the right people for us.

Ravi worked for many years in a Fairtrade factory nearby before deciding to open up his own ethical, sustainable workshop a few years ago in the city of Tiruppur, South India. His factory is going through certification audits for Sedex and Fairtrade, two lengthy and expensive processes. In the meantime, the workshop has their GOTS certification, providing guarantees to the fair treatment of workers here.

At NICO, we want to promote a positive, viable alternative to the unfair and short-sighted practices that fast fashion has necessitated. By partnering with Ravi's factory, we know we are helping to create safe and fair employment opportunities within the industry that is the livelihood of so many."