Welcome to the Sustainability Portal; The Australian gateway for ethical fashion & textiles proudly brought to you by the Australian Fashion Council (AFC). A collaborative space and resource for both industry and individuals, working to establish best practice. So delve in!  Browse, learn, connect, contribute, collaborate.


Curated specifically for the Australian textile and fashion industry, the platform is a resource for the industry and individuals alike. A one-stop-shop for manufacturers, designers, teachers, students, shoppers and retailers.

A space where high-tech meets artisan, where innovation meets collaboration.

What Sustainability Means to Us

For us, sustainability is creative, fun and beautiful.
It’s about stories and superb design.
It’s the now and the future of fashion.



OUR vision

The World is Changing. Our industry is shifting. So let's set a path for the future.

We are: manufacturers, designers, SMEs, industry specialists. We’re part of Australia’s dynamic and creative textiles and fashion sector. And together we are shaping our future. We’re building an innovative, vibrant, sustainable and collaborative industry. One where entrepreneurs thrive, we create smart manufacturing jobs and have a highly skilled and sought-after workforce. In this future, creativity flourishes and Australia is renowned for visionary design, pioneering manufacturing and ethical production. In this future we’re competitive locally and internationally and government and industry work closely together to create the right conditions for industry growth. This future is not utopian. It is real and it starts now. Welcome to our united vision.


  • This is our industry’s united vision of where we want to be and how to get there

  • Its aim is to support industry growth by providing clear calls to action for government and other stakeholders.


  • Like a business plan – if businesses have no direction mapped out they are on the road to nowhere fast. This is our sector’s plan for the future.

  • With manufacturing in decline, the Australian textile sector is in a state of upheaval and change. Now is the key time for our industry to voice its ideas and vision for where the sector should be heading.


  • The textile and fashion sector plays an important social and economic role in Australia.

  • Government and industry collaboration is key to building a strong, resilient and innovative sector that benefits the community

  • In today’s world sustainability must underpin the future of our sector and we need support to integrate this within current businesses

  • Our industry has skills and knowledge gaps and needs training to rectify this



The Sustainability Portal is run by a collective of industry professionals, including contributors from across the country. We are always looking for new contributors so if you have something to say, drop us a line.

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